BDP 10 - Product support


The BDP 10 isn’t just an exceptional Blu-ray Disc™ player in the Harman Kardon® tradition.

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Model Number: BDP 10/230


My receiver does not show "DTS HD Master Audio" in the display, even though the Blu-ray disc should have this format. Instead, it just shows "DTS".
With some Blu-ray discs, you have to go to the Settings Menu of your Blu-ray player and select "Bitstream" or "Bitstream Native". This will carry the DTS HD Master signal to be decoded in the AVR, and the AVR front panel should show the correct text.
Is tobacco smoke harmful for my sound system?
Yes, very much so! Massive exposure to tobacco smoke leaves a yellow, sticky layer of tar on all surfaces. The most vulnerable components in an audio-visual system are Blu-ray, DVD or CD players. They read discs with laser beams, and the laser pick-up cannot work if a layer of tar builds up on the lens. Similarly, contacts and mechanical potentiometers on amplifiers and other components may become noisy or defective. Please note that the warranty does not cover tobacco-smoke related problems. You must pay for any repair or cleaning of tobacco-smoke caused defects.
Sometimes when I watch HD or 3D material, I can see white specks or "snow" on the screen. What can I do to avoid this?
Try another HDMI cable, and make sure that it is a high-speed version. This solution usually solves the problem, which is caused by insufficient cable bandwith.